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Linking body, mind, and spirit for a holistic approach to wellness.

About the name

I have gone to many different massage therapist, and Michelle by far is the best. She is so in tune with what my body is needing. Each time that I leave her massage room, my body and mind feel regenerated.
— Michele Bush



Shiro is a word used to describe the threadlike fingers of mycelium, the underground, living organism of fungi. Shiro is particularly used when refering to the fairy ring fungi. Fairy ring fungi present themselves in a perfect circle of fungi on the surface. 

These images of connectedness and wholeness, fit well with the practice of massage.  

The mycelium are the image of connectedness, which represent how our muscles, minds, and emotions are connected to each other and the well being of the whole.  

The circles of the fairy ring fungi are the image of wholeness. Massage therapy is a tool that can be used to work toward wholeness in our minds, bodies, and souls.